Elite Bellarena 2021

By: Hector Garcia

Real Estate Professional

Elite Bellarena 2021

Elite Bellarena is moving right along with all other construction projects. COVID-19 has slow progress tremendously, to say the least. NMS Capital continues to move at a slow pace. COVID-19 ensured that the project did not get financing from any bank. However, construction has not stopped at the site. Elite Bellarena finished building up to the 10th floor of Phase 1. Currently, construction is finishing the glass sliding doors on all floors and focusing on amenities areas. The new delivery date for the phase is a realistic December 2021 date. Not what NMS Capital had planned but, forced to move the date once again for obvious reasons.

Is the boss okay?

Saddened by the sudden passing of Felipe Tome the brother of Gustavo Tome, I personally would like to say that I was shocked by his death. He was too young and a very talented individual in the business community. To be clear, Felipe and Gustavo shared the same name and both looked very much alike; Gustavo Felipe Tome Velazquez. In any case, NMS Capital or Coldwell Banker has no association with the name of the late Felipe Tome. 

The current state of Elite Bellarena  

This year is looking to be much like the year before; slowed by COVID-19. Elite Bellarena has already made progress by selling 2 units this month. Recently the sales team got detailed plans on the amenities section including new renders. The models were updated to fit in better with what is already built. A sign that the heavy work on the inside of the units is getting ready to take a major step.

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