How to do my own property search in Mexico?

How to do my own property search in Mexico?

Property search in Mexico

The best way to do your own property search in Mexico is with the help of a real estate professional in the area you want to look, no doubt about that. However, I am under the great belief that buyers are smarter than me. All buyers know that the internet is the best tool to begin a search for your property, especially if you are not currently in Mexico.

Best way to search in another country

Here is the best way to search for a property in another country from the comfort of your own home: Find a real estate company in the area and use their website as a search engine. Local websites use IDX systems to keep their property listing fresh and up-to-date. Avoid using a website or agency that is slow to open. One of the fastest websites in the Puerto Vallarta area is our very own To prove this do a test for yourself on googles´ speed test page.

Are there local websites I can use?

There are many websites that can help you start your search. Again, it is different if you are not currently living in Mexico or the location you want to buy a property such as Puerto Vallarta. There are a few websites that list properties in other countries such as and The issue you might run into with these websites is that the listing results you get might outdated.

What is next?

Once you have selected a website of an agency you want to work with use their property search engine to begin your search. You can do a search based on your criteria. It helps a lot if you know the area you want to comb through. Once you have found a property that you like contact the agency for more information. One more thing, make sure these agencies belong to AMPI.


Can I contact a seller directly?

It is possible to contact a seller directly but, for that, you have direct access to the seller. This means you would have to be physically present to visit properties. There is no website where sellers list their own properties. Sometimes sellers do place their listing on I do not recommend buying a property from this website.

Without a doubt, the best way to find your property is with the help of an agency and an agent in the area you want to buy. An agent can even give you direct access to the system being used by all agencies and agents in the area via direct portal search access.

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