The Pros and Cons of Sharing Commission with Non-Certified Real Estate Agents: An Expert Analysis

Sharing commission

Sharing Commission

Sharing commission with non AMPI members is a decision that depends on various factors, such as the type of transaction, the relationship with the other party, and the potential benefits and risks involved. Here are some possible pros and cons of this practice:


  • Sharing commission with non AMPI members can help you expand your network and reach more potential clients. You can leverage the expertise and reputation of the other party to gain access to new markets or niches.
  • Sharing commission with non AMPI members can also increase your chances of closing a deal, especially if the other party has a strong influence or rapport with the buyer or seller. You can benefit from their negotiation skills and knowledge of the local market conditions.


  • Sharing commission with non AMPI members can expose you to legal and ethical risks, as you may not be able to verify their credentials, qualifications, or reputation. You may also face liability issues if the other party engages in fraudulent or unethical practices that harm the client or the transaction.
  • Sharing commission with non AMPI members can also affect your income and profitability, as you will have to split the commission fee with the other party. Depending on the percentage and terms of the agreement, you may end up earning less than what you expected or deserved.
  • Sharing commission with non AMPI members can also create conflicts of interest or competition, as you may not share the same goals, values, or standards as the other party. You may also have to deal with communication problems, disagreements, or disputes that can jeopardize the transaction or damage your reputation.

As a professional inmobiliario in Mexico, you should weigh the pros and cons of sharing commission with non AMPI members carefully before entering into any agreement. You should also consult with your legal advisor and follow the AMPI code of ethics to ensure that you comply with the laws and regulations that govern your industry.

Should you feel the desire to work with an agent that is not fully certified or a member of AMPI it is highly recommended that he or she work for a real estate agent that is AMPI regulated. You can always go back to that agency for help should anything go wrong, am AMPI agency will help.

Please keep in mind that a real estate agent that is not AMPI certified or that is not with a real estate company that is AMPI certified has to negotiate his/her commission before showing you the property you love. It happens often that the non AMPI agent will not show you the property you fell in love with because the commission being offered is not agreed upon with the certified AMPI member.

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