Vincent Roux

vincent roux

Vincent Roux

Vincent was born in France.  He graduated with a master’s in finance In Dubai.

He started to work as a real estate agent in 2000. After his brokerage experience, he started to buy houses to renovate and resell them as a real estate investor.

He decided to leave France to live in different countries like Italy and Portugal to extend his business experience.

He now settled in Vallarta and finds it a paradise place to live.

With more than 20 years in the real estate industry, he learned well about the dynamics of various real estate markets. He knows how to research a property to invest in.

Vincent is passionate about real estate and helping his clients make the best-advised choices according to their goals is his commitment.  

Having been a real estate investor himself, having life experience of living on different continents, Vincent will be a great realtor to help you find the house or property that you are looking for.