Xochitl Meyer

Real Estate Professional
Xòchitl Meyer was born in Mexico City and graduated in Business Administration, she went to live in Los Angeles, CA, where she had the opportunity to start a Beauty business, improving the image of many celebrities successfully, and was invited in countless occasions to give beauty and self-esteem tips, to radio and television programs and without really planning it, she began a career in the world of entertainment for the Latino community. However, the desire for improvement and the opportunity, once again gave her another turn to the exciting world of real estate in Southern California for several years, but the real estate crisis of the year 2008 made Xòchitl look for other alternatives and was invited to collaborate in a world-famous RCI company, RESORTS CONDOMINIUM INTERNATIONAL, where the real estate license that Xòchitl had achieved was an indispensable requirement to sell a membership that offered the opportunity to travel all over the world, another passion for Xòchitl. Selling this membership and motivating people to travel really moved the desire to improve Xóchitl's quality of life and surprisingly GRUPO VIDANTA one of the most important RESORTS development companies in Mexico, came to Los Angeles to recruit bilingual sellers and Xòchitl was hired and that's how she changed her residence to the Paradise of Puerto Vallarta, and speaking with so many people daily for three years she realized that for many people it made more sense to invest in a property than in a membership, and that was how Xòchitl approached Coldwell Banker la Costa to look for the opportunity to return to the Real Estate business, a career she loves.

Mexio: +52 322 155 8635
email: xoxhitl_meyer@coldwellbanker.com.mx
email: xmeyer@jaliscorealestate.com


Casa Las Ceibas

Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit

2 BD – 1.5 BA – $85,000

Comercial Romantico

Puerto Vallarta, Jalilsco

2 BD – 6 BA – $566

Elite Bellarena 305

Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit

1 BD – 2 BA – $261,260

Terreno Poligono B

Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit

$3,000 M2/279 SF MXN

Condo Pitillal

El Pitillal, Jalisco

2 BD – 1 BA – $65,000

Residencia Hacienda Los Mangos

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

3 BD – 3 BA – $595,000

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