The real estate broker in Mexico

The real estate broker in Mexico

Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker in Mexico takes years to develop into his/her role. Being a real estate broker is not like being a real estate agent. The real estate agent works under the real estate broker and his/her company. A real estate broker must have a formal real estate company that he/she controls.

Let´s take a look a closer look at the real estate broker in Mexico.

Where does the training come from

A certified real estate broker cannot get certification without first being a real estate agent for at least two (2) years. There is a process to follow to become certified in Mexico. You can take a look at these requirements for yourself in the AMPI website.

You need letters of recommendation and formal training in real estate before you even think of being a real estate broker. There are many real estate agents that stay affiliated to one company because they see this process as too difficult to get through.

Aside from the normal requirements, to be a certified real estate broker you need to have a legal real estate company set up to operate. That means that you must take legal steps to set this up with a public notary. Steps that follow include setting up tax documentation with the Mexican government and setting a bank account thereafter with legal company established.

Experience matters

A real estate broker in Mexico is not always focus on working a sale. The job almost always takes his/her responsibility away from working directly with a client or a prospect. A lot of the time is spent helping members of his/her team move an operation forward. That is where the experience comes into play; knowing the way around the industry is the lifeline of a real estate broker in Mexico.

A real estate broker in Mexico has to know who the notary public officials actually are in person. A real estate broker has to have the right contacts to be able to place a phone call that will fix a problem that one of his/her agents cannot fix.

Always a leader

A real estate broker is always a leader to his company and his team. The real estate broker stops being a real estate agent as soon as he/she decides to take on the responsibility of the new job.

Why become a real estate broker in Mexico

It is easier to be a real estate agent affiliated with a legit real estate company for many reasons; you pay no rent, you do not have to worry about other in the team, you do not worry about licenses and you pay less fees.

A real estate broker takes on this role for the freedoms that come with being your own boss and still being able work with your old clients and do the same job.