InterAmerican RE takes over Bellarena

Here is an Elite Bellarena update…Coldwell Banker La Costa´s time as the sales representative has ended. Not too sure about the reasoning behind the sudden change in representative. But, it looks like a business by NMS Capital. The new sales representative company is InterAmerican Real Estate not SI Real Estate, the same company as before. It seems like the right move for them being that SI Real Estate represents a lot of the family´s projects. Let us hope they finish what they started. Construction is indeed stopped until May 2021 from what I hear. InterAmerican RE is the company that is selling the project next to Elite Bellarena called Amancay and from what I was told the project will now be called Amancay also. Banners are up reflecting the change as you can see from this picture. Let´s hope all goes well.

Elite Bellarena Update
Elite Bellarena Update
November 6 2021

How is progress in Amancay?

Last time I checked. Progress is being made. Buildings are going up at a slow rate.