Lowball offers in Puerto Vallarta

Low Ball Offers in Puerto Vallarta

Dealing with lowball offers is a must

Lowball offers in Puerto Vallarta are common. Do not feel offended if and when selling your property you get a lowball offer. The Real estate professional’s job is to present to you (the seller) any offer given to the agent. The goal is to get you a full-price offer.

The bottom line is that full-price offers do not come along very often in Puerto Vallarta.

Take all emotion out of it

Remember that selling your property is a business decision. Your emotions and feeling have no place in this business. Stay in control and know what you want to do next by having a plan. Keep in mind that a lowball offer is the beginning of a successful real estate transaction.

Ask yourself why

Ask yourself why is someone making such an offer. Do they not have the funds to make a full-price offer or are they really just fishing to see if they can get away with their low offer. Talk to your selling agent to gather all the information so that you can make your next move.

Counter-offer or don´t even bother

The best move is always to officially present a counter-offer in a timely manner. After you have gathered all the information you need and you understand as much as possible about this buyer, then you can make a move. Counter-offer the price at whatever price you think is correct based on facts not on what your heart tells you. Whether you counter-offer or not also depends on how badly you want to sell. If you do not need to sell then simply take your listing off the market right now.

Final thoughts

A lowball offer is often your first step to selling your property in Mexico. So, rather than feel offended look at this on the bright side because it means you are close to selling your property. It is a matter of figuring out how to proceed. The best thing you can do is ask your selling agent what is next. After all your agent is the person getting you the offers from buyers.

Are low-ball offers a good thing?

Yes. A low-ball offer is a place to start and could always lead to finally selling your property.

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